Toboggan… t-o-b-o-g-g-a-n

Just found out that my nephew, Joshua came in second place in his school’s spelling bee putting him on the next step to the National Bee.  As you might have guessed, he misspelled toboggan.  As his father so eloquently pointed out, Joshua did not inherit his spelling and grammar skills from him.  Definitely his math and computer knowledge.

I just am curious as to when they started taking the top two finalists on to the next level.  I would have progressed not only my 8th grade year but at least my 5th grade year when the champion and I went back and forth until I finally incorrectly spelled illegible. My sixth grade year, I had an unfortunate slip of the tongue when I put a g in pajamas (still remember that).  I do not remember how far I got my 7th grade year nor do I remember the word I won on my 8th grade year… go figure.

Anyway… good luck Joshua in January.

2 thoughts on “Toboggan… t-o-b-o-g-g-a-n”

  1. I think the furthest I ever made it was to the school level – that was in elementary school, and I can’t even remember the details for sure. Congrats to Joshua!

  2. I never participated in any spelling bees, though I know I was a good speller. Well actually, there was something when I was a frosh, but let’s just say I didn’t stay with it past the qualifying round for reasons unrelated to my spelling ability…

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