New Baby!


Made you look!  Did you think I was going to say we were awaiting the arrival of our 5th child?

No such luck – probably wouldn’t declare it for the first time on a blog anyway.  I just wanted to share my son’s first professional haircut that made everyone joke about him being a different baby – although “toddler” is a much more appropriate word here than “baby” – my son is all over the place, and the haircut made him look SO MUCH older!  He’s really cute with the haircut, but why do they grow up so fast!?!  These pictures were taken only 4 days apart.


Santa Arrival parade 11-27-09 019


Christopher's new haircut 12-2-09

6 thoughts on “New Baby!”

  1. He was pretty good! Quiet and still at first, but then he got overwhelmed and the hair was probably itchy and tickly so he started to crab and try to climb away. Can’t blame the little guy though, he had so much hair to get rid of!

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