New Edition

Ok… play on words.  It’s a Wonderful Life is about to get even cuter.  I know that this has been planned for a while, but tomorrow night will be a rehearsal for a children’s choir that will perform prior to curtain time… if there are any eavesdroppers who have elementary-jr. high students who would be interested (6pm at the Huber Opera House.  Now if we get 100 kids there, we know who to blame 😉 ).  I think this is a brilliant move!  It will not only provide LIVE pre-show entertainment, but will hopefully fill even more seats.  I have already been approached by people in E-town about what show I am in this Christmas (if any).  I immediately exclaim that I am the sinister Mr. Potter (not to be confused with the boy wizard).  Many people from the numerous churches in town (so many for a town this size… long story that I will not get into) have apparently been making plans to get groups together.  Nothing on my own church, but who knows.  I had at least 3 customers today who are making plans!

We also have an extremely gifted artist in the cast.  Our own George Bailey has produced at least one painting depicting a scene from the show that I am assuming will be on display and signed pieces will be available for purchase.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be part of this GREAT show and the fun and wonderful cast and the director and producer ain’t bad neither 😉

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