My Two Moms

Happy Mother’s Day to all those who serve as mothers whether it be in the traditional sense or less than traditional.  I am lucky to have had two extraordinary women to look up to and admire who have always been there for me no matter where I was or what trouble I have been in.  One, my fabulous mother whom I would not trade for all the tea in China.  The other one that I was blessed to “adopt” as the second mother I so wish everyone had (God rest her soul)… someone I could talk to and share private things with.

My mom is one of the most giving women on the planet.  She has three jobs: beautician, bus driver (morning, pre-school, and afternoon routes), and bookkeeper for volleyball, basketball, and softball.  The sports statistician position I think she does more for the escape from the everyday but she still gets paid for it.  She also is the best person to have raised her four children, husband (he is still being raised), and niece who had been tossed around from 3 foster families before ending up with us when she was in the second grade.  So many memories, I cannot pick a single one.

On the other hand, one instance sticks out clearly in my mind concerning Emily.  Following one of the performances of Joseph nine years ago, the two ladies and I went to McDonald’s.  We ordered and went to our table.  However, the orders were far from correct.  Emily went right back up to the counter and in her special way explained the situation.  By the time she was done, we had not only gotten our orders refilled correctly but a refund on top of it.  I sometimes wonder if the poor guy behind the counter had been employed there long.  No one wanted to be on Ma2’s bad side.

So… thank you to all mothers everywhere.  I’m sure that there is not a harder yet more rewarding job anywhere.

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  1. I wouldn’t trade my mother for all the tea in China either. Unfortunately, for me that’s not saying much as I don’t like tea.

    Happy Ma’s day to all of you mothers out there in blog-land!

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