In a galaxy far far away…


Well, I guess I haven’t really been that far away but it sometimes seems that way. I’ve done nothing as energetic as pulling carpet and painting. I haven’t tried out for any musicals (never will). I’ve just been dealing with daughters. Daughter getting married, daughter in her senior year, just being a dad.

I did take some time off to be with friends. A little help here (have truck will haul part 3 😉 ), a little help there (moral support during tryouts), and that was that.

I really didn’t have much to say or blog about. Except for two movies I was able to see. I may do some full write-ups later. Full of spoiler alerts.

First bridal shower for 3rd daughter seemed to go off without a hitch. I dropped off some food, and the youngest daughter, and then made my self scarce for a few hours. I was going to spend some time with my son-in-law, but since he had to work, I spent the afternoon with my father-in-law. S’s parents are good people, and they’ve kept me as part of their family. Another one of those ‘family we choose’ situations. Sometimes we get lucky.

5 thoughts on “In a galaxy far far away…”

  1. At least it was good reasons you were away. You’ve got a fun filled year ahead!

    Next weekend is “Angels & Demons” and I’m really looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll put my own review up…

    Good to read from you again!


  2. I have yet to read any of Mr. Brown’s novels nor see The Da Vinci Code as much of a fan as I am of Mr. Hanks’ work.

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