Our good admin likes his jokes.


Seems that the group here on tangents was the subject of an April Fools Joke. Trying to get in to add a post this afternoon, I found that the site was up for sale. Good joke. My own jokes didn’t make it to fruition today. I was unable to get a hold of the intended victims. Maybe they were avoiding calls from their father today. One never knows.

Good joke on us Admin.. 😉 But will you admit my first email did say something about it being on April 1st?

3 thoughts on “Our good admin likes his jokes.”

  1. Admin admitted that… didn’t think you’d fall for it after last year. But then again, maybe I would have fallen for it had I seen the site for myself first – I got your email about it and smelled a rat, so I sent the kids to clean their cage… ok, that was dumb. I’m tired. Good night!

  2. Yes, when I saw your email I was like — argh!! Foiled again… Then I thought if I persisted and let the site sit people would start to wonder.

  3. I wondered momentarily, then found a back door to be able to post my findings. I sent an email, also to my fellow tangenteers.

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