The Game’s Afoot!


What a fun April 1st it has been!!! Tangents was visited once again by the Mad Hacker (sounds like a forgotten villain of comic book stories).  Like many of my fellow tangenteers, I too have been doing a bit of light (or not so light reading) in my spare time.  I recently checked out a collection of stories featuring the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes (sorry Caped Crusader).

To me, going back and re-reading something you were assigned to read in school is much more entertaining the second time.  I am finding myself thoroughly enjoying reading adventures that gave me headaches the first time around and reading many others for the first time.  I enjoyed reading one story featuring “the woman” Irene Adler (A Scandal in Bohemia).

My favorite, thusfar, has been The Five Orange Pips that finds Holmes and Dr. Watson up against members of the Ku Klux Klan.  I learned something new in this story:  the name for the organization takes its name from the sound a rifle makes as it is being cocked.  The story itself fascinated me because Holmes is (in some ways) less than successful in solving the case.  The reader sees, through Watson’s eyes, the detective’s reaction.  A good way to develop character in showing not only triumphs but personal failings as well.

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