I just never knew.


I’ve known that I have some talented daughters. Writing, art, sewing, singing and maybe a little acting thrown in there have all been some of the talents displayed by one or more daughters. Not that they would make careers of this, unless they start pushing in that direction, but a bit of talent is shown.

Now, since I’ve joined facebook (shudder!!!), I’ve been made aware of my niece’s amazing talent. I wouldn’t normally do this, but I need to share her link. Check the work of Veronica Leigh on Redbubble.

I’ve put in a request for some coffee cups of some of her pictures. Guess what Christmas presents will be in 2010. I’ve got it all planned out now.

6 thoughts on “I just never knew.”

  1. relatively speaking

    I told you about her quite a while ago. I guess you weren’t listening. 🙂 Glad you finally noticed what a talented niece we have!

  2. Magnificent work! I may steal your idea for my Santa Clausing ( Is that a word?)
    Thanks for letting us know about her.

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