Random things that crossed my mind


On Facebook
Why do I realize that my daughters are using movie quotes in their facebook statuses and almost nobody else does?

Why did I start using movie quotes as facebook statuses?

Why can’t people realize we are doing this even after we told them we were?

On Numbers
Does anybody else miss comparing your count of posts with our other Tangents’ bloggers? I know how many posts I have, but don’t see the other numbers anymore. 🙁

I wonder how many days I will have actual posts. This month I’ve had at least one a day. But by the time this is read by folks, there may be two cheats 😉

Did you realize that 11:58 doesn’t look much different than 12:02 when you look outside and not at the clock.

I’ve lived more than 1/2 of a century. That is a number right?

This post has one hundred fifty words, by the word count.

10 thoughts on “Random things that crossed my mind”

  1. How many ounces of alcohol were you drinking when you were blogging? 😉

    I knew you and your daughters were quoting movies. For the life of me I had no idea WHAT movies, and I found it amazing that you and your daughters can quote THAT many lines from movies.

    My dashboard page tells me how many blogs I’ve blogged, but it doesn’t share. I don’t know why. Of course, I don’t know a lot of things about this blogging stuff. I type. I save. It works. 🙂

  2. yes, I’ve noticed the movie quotes, too. Sometimes they come to me… others seem familiar… others are way over my head. I like to quote everything.

    The tangents homepage used to share how many posts we each have made but that widget went bye-bye.

  3. I do not miss knowing how many posts everyone has. It was always lurking in the back of my mind, so it’s nice to just focus on blogging when I feel like blogging or have something to share.

  4. As for the people not noticing that the random things we post are movie quotes, welcome to my world. After using it periodically for the last 8 or so years, someone finally got my joke. “You can’t go! All the plants are gonna die!” It’s a quote from Stripes, and it often adds a bit of humor to someone leaving. But everyone always seems to think I’m serious. Obviously, we need a more discerning audience. 😉

  5. Alcohol would impede the creative blogging process, I would suspect…
    I think Mary911 was making a joke 😉

  6. My daughter and I are always quoting Steel Magnolias to each other ( I love ya more than my luggage) ( What did you do? Run over a small child or something) We reenact the scene from Singing in the Rain when they are trying to teach the “fishwife actress” proper English( I can’t stand em) And once in a while we sing from Mame and Gypsy! I love it when people use quotes – maybe we should do a blog of quotes sometime.

  7. I can’t notice movie quotes on facebook accounts because I don’t do facebook. 😉

    If I ever did open a facebook account it would be something to the tune of “this account only exists so I can access other people’s facebook pages.” 😮

    Last I knew I was 4th place, a huge distance from 3rd. No, I don’t want to know when I slip into 5th.

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