Forever A Lost Boy

The last few weeks have not been a good one if you were young or were related to some figure in the public eye of the 1980s.  First, it was Andrew Koenig (of Growing Pains fame).  Last week, Marie Osmond’s young son was found dead.  Yet another blow in her long list of tragic events.  And this morning, yet another teen figure gone astray: Corey Haim… one of the famous “Corey duo” of such 80s teen fare as The Lost Boys, License to Drive, and Dream a Little Dream.  Sadly, Corey was always one who seemed to live life on the wild side and it finally caught up with him.

It just seems so tragic every time I hear something like this in the news.  They may not have been A-list stars but many seem to fall under the allure of the old Hollywood glamour and glitz instead of focusing on their God given talent.  Even more tragic is the reality that many fail to recognize or plain don’t want to realize the grip that the “glamorous life” has on them until it is far too late.

I’m not sure what influence events such as this have on the public at large but someday you would think that  people in similar situations would look at the tragedies and seek some form of help in dealing with it.  Turning to friends, family, or God Himself for guidance.  A bit of “tough love” may even help.

So, to all the Lost Ones out there, I would hope and pray that they look at these recent events  learn from them, and may break free from the demons that seemingly control them.

7 thoughts on “Forever A Lost Boy”

  1. A sad story indeed… from what I understand, people had been trying to get Corey Haim help for years, but as he stated himself, he was “a chronic relapser”.
    Apparently he was very insulted when the show “Celebrity Rehab” approached him within the past few weeks about doing their show. Not that I condone the exploitation of peoples’ problems, but it seems that some help would have been better than none for Mr. Haim. This is just too bad…

  2. I think these are all sad stories, but I tend not to pay too much attention to them anymore. I can see where the “Hollywood” lifestyle may be a contributing factor to these sad ends. As Keith said in his blog: “Where is the respect?” In these case, I think the respect needs to start with ourselves.

  3. yes, taylhis. Before anyone can be given help, they need to be willing to accept it. Which points to justj’s respect for self comment.

  4. Well, it seems to be prescription, not illegal, drugs as a suspect. Anyway, who can forget those 80s movies- License to Drive, Lucas, and the already mentioned Lost Boys?

  5. And an enlarged heart. I wonder, is that a condition caused by misuse of drugs or something he was born with? I saw a clip of the show, “The Two Coreys” the other day, and Haim was visiting the ER for his heart, and both Coreys were talking about how it would be so sad if he died when he finally got clean – sad and ironic they would mention that.
    I can’t find License to Drive anywhere!! The library doesn’t have it, and I want Hubby to see it. I don’t remember Lost Boys too much and I’ve never seen Lucas.

  6. I forgot that he was in Lucas. I did like License to Drive. I can never remember which spelling is the British way and the American was as in “License to Kill.” 😉 I think we recorded LTD via HBO years ago… AH, the 80s-90s when VHS was still king.

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