It’s Gone…


If you’ve traveled down I-75 in Southern Ohio since 2004, you’ve no doubt seen this; it was hard to miss:

The King of Kings statue no longer graces I-75

We’ve passed by this King of Kings statue outside Solid Rock Church on our way to Florida many times, and it was always awe-inspiring.  Quite unfortunately (and ironically), an act of God destroyed the infamous 62-foot statue – it was struck by lightning and subsequently burned to the ground.  No word yet if the church plans to rebuild the huge sculpture, and until they do, if they do, I-75 won’t be the same.

5 thoughts on “It’s Gone…”

  1. When I read about Touchdown Jesus, I thought it was the statue at The University of Notre Dame. Wasn’t aware of that this was called the same but I do remember seeing it.

  2. I just read about this, oddly enough, on, a retrogaming forum I visit. In the link they had someone was quoted as saying it would be rebuilt. I vote for an alteration though to prevent it from being nicknamed “touchdown Jesus” though.

  3. I too read that the nickname is also a nickname of something at Notre Dame.
    I don’t think your wish will be granted, Derek, because the steel framing still exists making it difficult to alter the pose. Personally, the nickname doesn’t bother me – the more attention it gets and the more people that talk about means that the church gets that much more attention and they can get their message out.

  4. The touchdown Jesus at Notre Dame is not a statue. It’s a beautiful piece of wall art (I believe it’s a mosaic) on the side of one the buildings. When driving down the street past the football stadium, you can see Jesus with his arms raised…..right between the North end goal posts. Jamiahsh saw it last October on our way home from Chicago….. 😉

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