Do you wonder?


A day like today was made for wondering.   Warm (for January) and very sunny.  A day made for quiet reflection. To sit and see the sun shining through the trees with a fire in the fireplace was most enjoyable.  With the warm temperature of the day, the fire has now been allowed to fade.  The sun is doing an wonderful job providing extra heat to the house.  It is comfortable.

So in these times of quiet reflection, I often wonder about the past and future.  More of the future now, than the past, but the past does have a place in my heart.

So today I’m wondering what my future holds.  What the futures of my daughters’ holds.  It is enough to wonder.  I don’t need any answers yet, the wondering and pondering of this is enough.

My hope is that my daughters are happy in life.   I had a very happy life for twenty years.  I would hope for at least the same for my daughters.

I don’t need to wonder about the past anymore.  The past is just that, the past.  It is over, the wondering is over.  The past is a place to store memories of the hopes of days gone by.  A place to keep memories, both good and bad.

Do you wonder about your future?  The future of those you love?  Today, tomorrow, next month?  Do you make plans, or just live day by day?  What happens when the plans fail?  Do you wonder?

My plans in life are simple.  I want to be content.  I was happy and sad.  Happy is very good.  Sad is not so good.  Content is restful.  Today I am content.

5 thoughts on “Do you wonder?”

  1. I must admit to thinking about the past a bit (maybe even dwelling a little too much… but am working o that). More so on the future. I am a wonderer.

  2. I wonder about the future – mine and loved ones. I try to make lots of plans for the future as well as for each day as it comes – I’m a big plan person, don’t really do well when there’s not a plan. But many a life’s circumstances have made me flexible when plans fail too, and those types of life experience have been very valuable, even if they were tremendously unpleasant at the times they occurred.

  3. I wonder at my own future. I’ve run into many difficulties on my career path and no longer have a fix on what to do. Any ideas for a would-be-teacher who will probably never be able to teach anywhere due to failing student teaching and not being allowed / able to afford to retake it?

  4. move to a state where you already have what’s required to teach? I believe IL has strict regulations compared to other states – not sure on this, however. Write an e-book and sell it so you can afford to do what you love (teach) without getting paid 😉

  5. No Child Left Behind is federal and requires highly qualified teachers, meaning certified. Private schools are technically an option, but not really since they still prefer certified teachers and my failing student teaching will be a red mark anywhere I go. 🙁

    I did the ebook thing once. I could update it I suppose, but I have no ideas for any other ebooks.

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