The NFL Playoffs are Here – Whooopie!


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of NFL football.  And my team — the Chicago Bears.

My Bears did not make the playoffs.  No, they blew it by losing to the Houstan Texans on week 17 — the last weekend of the NFL season.  Instead, the Vikings won the NFC North and the Eagles magically stole the final wildcard spot by embarassing the Dallas Cowboys 44-6.

However, even with the Bears out of the playoffs I am still excited about the postseason.  Unlike other popular sports which hold tournement-style elimination series, in the NFL it is lose-and-you’re-out.  To win the Superbowl you have to have a PERFECT postseason record.  So the question now is, who will do it?

In the AFC you have the:

Colts – They started off slow but have been on fire since late October.
Chargers – They’re in the playoffs without a winning record (8-8)!
Ravens – Inconsistent and lack luster.
Dolphins – Had only ONE win last year — this year in the playoffs!
Titans – Their best season ever.  They want to win this for Tennessee.
Steelers – Looking strong and Ben is ok.

In the NFC you have the:

Vikings – It is just hard to take this team too seriously.
Giants – Last year they won the big game.  They are favored to repeat the feat.
Eagles – Needed help to get in – and they got it big time.
Panthers – They have been winning all year.  Solid all-around team.
Cardinals – The Arizona Cardinals?  In the playoffs?  The CARDINALS?
Falcons – This team was expected to be bad.  They are in fact quite good!

This weeks games are:

the Dolphins VS. the Ravens – I PICK THE DOLPHINS BY 2 POINTS
the Colts VS. the Chargers – I SAY IT’S THE COLTS BY 10
the Eagles VS. the Vikings – I LIKE THE EAGLES BY 3
the Cardinals VS. the Falcons – FALCONS BY 12

So, what are your picks?

9 thoughts on “The NFL Playoffs are Here – Whooopie!”

  1. Interesting. My dog likes your picks. I’m not so sure about the points, I haven’t worked out a system for him to pick those.

  2. After seeing what happened on the first day of playoffs, I’m going to agree with the teams that are favored in the Super Bowl: the Titans and the Giants. I would like to see the Dolphins and the Cardinals.

  3. Ok, the dog didn’t do so well either, but his picks for this next round are as follows.

    All the home teams win. He never even sniffed the hand that held the dog food for the away team. Did he learn his lesson from last week, or was he just focused on my right hand? Who knows.

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