An evening with lines


Studying lines for tomorrow night’s rehearsal. I have some fun parts and they are the smaller roles. The intoxicated Santa at the beginning of the play is going to be a lot of fun all on 3 lines. Another 3 lines, and being on stage with my 3rd daughter makes the role of Dr. 2 very fun. Another 3 lines for another small part and 3 more for my 4th small part. 12 lines all memorized.

Some lines were taken away and I was given the part of Kris Kringle’s friend and Dr from the Maplewood home, Kris’ home away from the North Pole. This should be fun.

Anyway back to the lines….

3 thoughts on “An evening with lines”

  1. Yes… sounds like fun… Can’t wait to get my lines tomorrow night… i’m sure it is more than 1 and I only have one character to play.

  2. I don’t think I could remember more than one line, let alone multiple lines for different characters. I have nightmares about this kind of stuff.
    But a cool hobby for someone who enjoys it 😉

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