The Bears are Going to the Playoffs!


Not the Chicago Bears…  No, they stink.  Sure they beat a miserable Cleveland Browns team this weekend, but so could the team of Taylhis, Sublife, and Morat.

It is actually our local highschool football team, the Bryan Golden Bears.  This is the FIRST TIME IN SCHOOL HISTORY the football team is in the playoffs.  How’s that for some big local news!?

No, I won’t be attending the game, in Cleveland of all places (see above) but it is exciting for our small community.  So, next weekend I will have two sets of Bears to root for football-wise.  Cool.

8 thoughts on “The Bears are Going to the Playoffs!”

  1. Congrats to the Golden Bears. I didn’t realize that they never made the football playoffs. Heck Montpelier won the State title when I was a Freshman. No, I didn’t play for that team, I was wasn’t enrolled until that January, but the football frenzy remained until the next season. I’m not sure they made any playoffs since then…. I never paid much attention.

  2. This is awesome! Keep in mind that the high school playoff system in Ohio was first established in 1972, which gave other states a decades-long head start, so it’s not quite as bad as it sounds, “in the playoffs for the first time in school history”. But it’s very exciting, nonetheless!
    High school football frenzy is fun. My high school won the state championship twice during my 4 years there, and they went all out for the pep rallies – once they incorporated a live tiger into the story, turned out all the lights in the gym, and then POOF! The tiger appeared! It was pretty cool.
    Now how to get a Golden Bear if they make it all the way to state… 😉

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