Wow – that last post was such a downer that I decided to write a little follow-up – I’m feeling better!  I took forever in the shower, and my son is still napping!  And the two girls have been playing together…  funny how the house calms down when a certain little Kindergartner is at school.  Coincidence or instigator?  You tell me 🙂

My little parakeet JJ likes the sound of running water, so my shower music today was supplied by a happy little bird – that was a mood lifter!  I’ve been reaching into his cage as part of training to get him used to me, and he’s been letting me touch him!  So today I was touching his belly, and he started to close his eyes, and it occurred to me that we didn’t have to just do training – I could pet him!  So today, I would say that JJ became a REAL pet – he enjoyed my company, let me pet him, and he cheered me up!

And now I get to sit here at the computer for a few minutes, and I actually get to have my glass of water next to me since there is no one to come drop things into it (one of my son’s favorite activities is the put things in water, you’d think he’d appreciate his baths more than he does).  And I treated myself to a piece of chocolate.  Ah, a long hot shower, chocolate, and peace and quiet…  what more could I want?  Sorry about the grumpy post I made before 🙂

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  1. Same here. “Calgon take me away, eh?” May be dating myself with the jingle. Nice long showers, pets, calm. Enjoy it while it lasts. Sammie, an instigator? WHo woulda thunk?

  2. As far as instigators, there is always one, but usually never the same one.

    Venting is a wonderful way to relax. I do that on occasion. Get things out in words that you can’t seem to get a handle on any other way. That is when the long bath/shower and chocolate help. Your downer/grumpy post just proves you’re human, and that is something. 🙂

  3. I know most of the posters actually know you and I don’t but I want to make a suggestion to you. I came across this idea in a book called ‘The Artist’s Way’ I love the book and recommend it highly especially since you are such a great writer but anyway here’s my suggestion:’

    Every morning I HAND write out 3 pages. They are called morning pages. They are not a journal they are not a list of things to do today, they are just a mind streaming exercise of whats cluttering my mind. I know it sounds wierd and simple but this could be a great stress reliever for you and you can just tear them up and throw them away when your done (don’t do like me and keep them I have BOXES of nothing) but anyway I think something like this which only takes about 20 minutes of the day could really help someone like you with so many stressors coming from so many directions.

    OH – And I’m glad you let JJ do his job…….

  4. @ JustJ – in our house, there is only ONE instigator. The other kids might cause problems, but there is only one child who purposefully plots to get the others in trouble. I know it’s common for kids to take turns causing trouble – and mine do – but as far as what I meant by the term ‘instigator’ – there is only one.
    @ Mysmichelle – Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t know about writing everyday, especially because it took me 15 minutes just to address a letter yesterday with my little boy pulling at my arms! 🙂 The blogging works for me – I like typing better than hand writing, and I also like to know that I have nice people here to read my rants 🙂 You always have such interesting things to say – maybe you should get a tangents.org blog! If you want one, I can help you set it up (it’s free).

    Thanks to every one who read the post and offered their great advice!

  5. I like Mysmichelle’s stream of conscience idea. IF you had the extra 20 minutes that is. And yes, you are a great writer.

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