My Job Is To Make People Miserable


My husband works from 9:30 to 5 on weekdays, which leaves me the job of holding down the fort.  My kids are generally good kids, and they are adorable, so it should be a fun job.  But I’m not having fun today.  I’ve had 3 kids crying literally constantly today from 9-12:30.  Taylor is 10, and she’s home sick from school.  She’s the only one being good, but I can’t give the poor kid a break because her sisters and brother are acting so crazy!!  This is the 2nd Wednesday in a row that the kids have acted up – what is up with that?!?  I have 5 minutes of peace right now because we got Sammie to Kindergarten and the baby is napping.  I just need to blog about it because I feel like I’m going to explode!!  The baby is getting over being sick, so if he’s not being held, he’s crying.  I don’t know what the deal is with 3-year-old Disney, she’s usually pretty good, but today she is screaming about everything.  And she has this loud, shrill, ear-splitting scream like you wouldn’t believe.  In the meantime, Sammie was provoking everyone and starting fights with all 3 of her siblings; I was trying to referree, hold the baby, clean up his messes, change dirty diapers, and make lunch all at the same time.  Now that I have some “peace”, I feel worse – Disney has asked me 6 questions just in the short time it’s taken me to write this.  I’m trying not to snap at her, but I’m in a really bad mood.  It would really help if I had my dog to snuggle, but she died in December and my other dog is too smelly to snuggle.  I feel like I work really hard all day, and all I do is make people miserable.  How can my husband get any work done with all the screaming in the house?  It adds pressure to me to try to keep a suitable work environment for him.  I am looking forward to a relaxing evening.  No, wait.  It’s youth group night, which I normally enjoy, but to go try to teach a bunch of preteens after a day like today seems daunting.  Not to mention that I have an extra group tonight since a fellow teacher had back surgery yesterday.  I hope it went well for her…

I would cry but then I’ll get another nosebleed – my nose has been bleeding a lot lately, stress maybe?  I sure wish I could figure out a fun way to wind down to give me something to look forward to tonight, but my kids have been refusing to go to bed lately, and the little guy has been waking up all night with his illness.

Ok, that’s my vent, sorry to be such a downer, but I thought writing about it would help.  Dunno yet if I was right…   Time to make the most of the baby’s nap and get the garbage out and lunch cleaned up.  If I’m lucky and he sleeps long enough, I just might get a nice long hot shower – but that’s probably too much to ask.

5 thoughts on “My Job Is To Make People Miserable”

  1. Wait…what? Sorry to open a wound here, but… one of your dogs died? I realize I stopped reading blogs for a while so I did a search through your December post but only found a quick mention of it in your ABC post that I obviously missed. If I may ask, what happened?

    I hope you had a great night tonight with your double-group, knowing I am posting my comment while you are at youth group tonight.

  2. Hope your day improved. I totally disagree with your title. I don’t for one minute believe that you make life miserable for anyone. Bad days… take em in stride.

  3. Derek – I was not ready to sit and write about it, can’t even really talk about it still, don’t know if ever. Maybe I’ll write you an email about it or next time you talk to Chris…
    I DID have a great night! I only got two extra girls, and they were SO nice and calm! Going to have to see about a trade 😉
    Plus my biggest drama queen wasn’t there, and neither were the twins. So I only had 4 total, and we actually got thru some of the questions before they started to run around and act crazy – my girls, of course. The girls from the other group were VERY good and interested in talking about the lesson!
    Jamiahsh – I’m not really good at taking bad days in stride 😉 but thanks for thinking I don’t make anyone miserable. If you were standing outside our house earlier listening to 3 kids screaming for hours, you might have thought differently.

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