A night off


I’m sitting here doing a lot of nothing. No rehearsal, no lines to memorize, chores that can be put off for a day or two. All of that is good, because I’m in desperate need to rest my throat a bit. I have one part in the show that I really have to force my voice a bit. Every rehearsal, I need some liquid to help sooth my throat. Part of this is the voice I use, and the other is my winter sinus problems. If it was just one of the two, my throat would be fine. So tonight I relax and maybe drink some hot tea.

Not much more to say. Life is boring, and for tonight that is good. 😉

9 thoughts on “A night off”

  1. Chris really likes these throat discs they sell at Ringer’s – might want to give them a try. Resting is also best, good idea – hope you feel better!

  2. What’s a ‘looping viewing’? We usually watch Groundhog Day every year too, but some of the kids get bored, so we went with Willow this year instead. I think Chris and I will make it a tradition to watch Groundhog Day every year on the night of the 1st – by the night of the 2nd, it seems like old news!
    So yeah, JustJ, did you watch it this year?

  3. That’s funny – how can one watch Groundhog Day over and over since that’s basically what the movie is like anyway? 😉

  4. Just watched it once this year. With play practice and work, I just couldn’t fit in more than 1 time.

    @taylhis, to loop watch this movie, you just put it in and loop back to the first day of Groundhog’s day. You loop back just as he hits the alarm on that last day. It is a lot of fun if you catch somebody who has never seen the movie before and they leave the room at the right time. 😉

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