Goodbye Childhood Classics


FIRST, it was the recent Red Riding Hood which looked totally asinine.  Now, I hear of not one but two updates of Snow White.  Finally today no less, I learn that “the boy who never grew up” is getting a new adult makeover.  Pan is going to revolve around Captain Hook and his partner Smee  who are on the lookout for the title character, a serial killer who preys upon young children… .  DEPLORABLE!  I mean, this story could just as easily been named something else, the names changed to protect memories of childhood gone by.  No… I do not intend to watch any of these masterpieces but when I hear that classic tales which millions of children have grown up on are skewed into such utter trash, then I think it is worth a post!

I just have to wonder who the intended audience is for this rubbish.  Certainly not the toddler set who have been read these tales for years.  I would think that the wise (?) adult movie-goer would be turned off.  Maybe it is the Twilight-obsessed teenage female set?  I just have to shake my head at the very thought of such travesties.  I thought the Jim Carrey Grinch movie was a disaster… at least that presented some resemblance of the classic Dr. Seuss tale.

Is this Hollywood’s attempt to bring originality to the big screen?

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Childhood Classics”

  1. That’s how I feel about all the disgusting things that have been done to the Wizard of Oz. I don’t know enough about the butchered fairy tales, and I don’t care to learn more about them either. If one comes my way at a decent price and doesn’t look too terrible, I might see it, but that has not happened yet.

    1. JUst heard that Sam Raimi’s Oz prequel is set to begin filming in Michigan in August. Just the name Sam Raimi turns me away. He may have been instrumental in bringing Spider-Man to the big screen but he was also responsible for the Evil Dead series, as well.

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