I need this energy…

This first video just made me laugh.  The second one is just like it- maybe they will make your day too.

😀 😀 😀

If you want to look up more on Youtube, the band is Rick K and the Allnighters, and the person of interest is Steve Moore.  There is even an interview with him someone posted but I didn’t listen to it.

4 thoughts on “I need this energy…”

  1. I only made it halfway thru the first video – believe it or not, I didn’t even find time to watch two little videos! But I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in a comment while it was still the right day, so
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it was a great one!

  2. I enjoyed the drum show tremendously – what talent he has that he can do all those arm movements and still keep the beat. But I’m wondering, I thought I heard drumming being done while both of his sticks were in the air – maybe a youtube synchro issue or perhaps there is a drum program on the keyboard to help him out? And I’m confused about your saying he’s at the wrong gig? I don’t understand…
    But otherwise, VERY entertaining – what a fun band for a wedding!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. The title isn’t mine. I don’t even have a youtube account. I guess the uploader thinks this drummer should be with another type of band than a retro- one.

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