For The First Time


Yesterday, I received an email from one of my fellow actors from The Odd Couple.  He organizes a comedy/magic show for an animal safari park in the area.  He sent out a mass email looking for anyone interested in spending the summer at the park performing in the show… 7 days a week/ 7 times a day… $80 a day and the possibility of housing being arranged.  I seriously considered it but I am already committed to Miracles at the end of May which surely would conflict with rehearsals and the opening of the park.

I even got an email from another recipient who thought that I would be interested.  Interested, definitely… so why not tell the original sender that I was interested.  So I sent an email explaining my situation and that, unfortunately, I would be unable to involve myself.  I was not got going to bail!  I did however ask him to keep me in mind next year.  To which he replied:

You would have been perfect for this one!!!  I have gotten a few candadites (how it appeared in th email) we will see, thanks for the reply.

WOW!  What a compliment!  Not looking back on it but what an opportunity… to perform in front of an even broader audience from who knows where… statewide, countrywide, or dare I say… worldwide?

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  1. Yeah, shame, I agree with him – it would have been a great opportunity for you!! And, I would have had an excuse to go out there this year – we somehow missed going last year, and it’s one of my favorite places! Maybe next year… 😉
    (maybe YOU should send HIM an email next March inquiring about it – be proactive, especially before you think about auditioning for anything local)

  2. Great advice, taylhis! I will definitely keep that in mind. It would be so AWESOME to be able to perform in front of audiences apart from our own little corner… not that there’s anything wrong with that. If not for this corner I would not have met such wonderful, lifelong friends!

  3. Definitely sounds like it could be fun. I remember C getting me interested in something like that called, I think, Wilderness Theatre or Players. I never seriously looked into it though.

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