Chris’ Old Internet (PIYB) – My WayBack!


As I have said before, although I do not comment, I tend to read most of your blogs.  I just don’t comment because, well, once I comment on one I have to comment on all and suddenly my work will take a big hit…

Speaking of my work, I thought it would be fun to take a look back and some of my first websites.  (Thanks to Derek’s Way Back for getting my mind going)

Here is the link:

It is on my personal blog because, well, that is work — this is play!  So, any comments please leave there.

4 thoughts on “Chris’ Old Internet (PIYB) – My WayBack!”

  1. WHOO HOOO! A POST! I know that you read our blogs… I believe I have received comments in person once or twice. I will check out the link later… off to my work!

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