The End Of The (Band) World As We Know It…

Our town holds the distinction of having Ohio’s oldest city band – it’s over 150 years old.  Remarkably, this city band has had only 3 directors since 1888 – the current director has conducted the band for 48 years!  But at the age of 96, this was his last year with the band – and last Wednesday’s concert was his last.  The turnout was incredible – for a small rural town, an audience of 1,000 was beyond expectations, I think.  Usually, we can hear the band concerts from our backyard, but there was a threat of rain for this last concert of the season, so they moved it across town where they could have it under a roof.  We drove over for just a little bit, and even though we stayed in the car in the parking lot (sleeping kids), it was very enjoyable to listen to the band in the night air.

I would have liked to play for the band under this band director, just to meet him and be a part of town history, but my schedule does not allow for this as a hobby right now.  I guess I’ll have to wait until my kids are grown and I can play under the direction of the city band’s 4th conductor since the 1800’s – providing I still have the skills to play in a band, that is –  I am quite rusty even now, let alone years from now!  But as I was saying, the city band as we know it is about to change…

7 thoughts on “The End Of The (Band) World As We Know It…”

  1. You should:) I bet it would be a challenge with four kids and being involved with theatre. We only practice for an hour one night a week starting the end of May. Then the band concerts are one night for an hour a week until close to the end of July (which you know). Plus, and I didn’t know this till after I first get paid:) We voted for the next band director and Mr. Krause was on the ballot…seems like he has a really good shot at band director.

  2. Would have loved to have gone and watched… maybe one day we can join. HEHE… that would be fun… playing under Krause’s direction 😀

  3. Being as he was my band director since I was in fifth grade…it will be interesting to see how different it will being under his direction as an adult.

  4. I do, too. Known him since my high school days. Paid position (maybe not a lot… who cares, anyway) and Krause possibly directing?! Do they have a spare tuba?

  5. Is that my trumpet D? I played trumpet for about 3 months in middle school. hehehe… By the way Taylhis… LOVE YOU!

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