Why We’ve Already Packed Away The Baby Walker…


Because he’s a boy.

The other day, I  was sitting in the living room when some action in the area of my son’s walker (the thing the baby stands in that has wheels on it, allowing them to walk easier) caught my peripheral vision.  I silently watched as he turned around and proceeded to climb up and out of his walker, backed down the front of it, and quietly sat on the floor like nothing had happened.  Then it dawned on me that I hadn’t even put him IN the walker in the first place!  I checked with my husband, and he hadn’t put him in there either, and later that evening it was verified as we watched him do it again – my son had put himself in his walker in the first place before he climbed back out again.  He acted like a pro, so who knows how many times he’s done this, but needless to say, the walker has been packed away before he even used it to help himself walk.  But that leads me to my point – we’ve had 3 girls and now a boy, and we are starting to see the major differences between little boys and little girls;  the most noticeable at this point being that boys climb EVERYTHING! My son can climb before he can walk.  He’s been climbing stairs for awhile already, and the other day he climbed the table in the laundry room, and he can almost climb up onto the couch.  I can’t imagine what it will be like when he CAN walk, YIKES!!!

5 thoughts on “Why We’ve Already Packed Away The Baby Walker…”

  1. Yep… he climbed the stairs here the other night, as well (of course, I was right behind him 😀 ). Adventurous little guy. Of course, my siblings were just the opposite 3 boys and 1 girl in that order.

  2. Sounds like one smart guy with the walker. He’ll be climbing trees outside in no time- just make sure he doesn’t fall out of one like I did when I was 9 or 10. 😉

  3. ugh… no doubt he will. Let me guess, did you hit your head when you fell out of the tree? I’ve noticed that it’s very easy for little boys to find things on which to hit their heads! Is this why women are smarter? 😉 joking, joking…

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