In Trouble Even From Across The Country


More on the title later.  My parents’ trip to Alaska began Saturday when they were to fly out of Detroit early that morning.  However, there were mechanical mishaps on the plane which lead to the cancellation of the flight.  Around 3PM, a flight was arranged that would carry them non-stop to their destination.  Some good there since they were to have a 2 hour layover in Seattle.  They arrived in Alaska around 10:30PM EST.  However, their luggage did not arrive until 11:30PM Sunday night.

Yes, even with the parents being thousands of miles away at Fort Richardson near Anchorage, I still was able to stir up some mishaps.  It seems that my sister wanted to get into the house Tuesday night.  Thinking I was doing a good thing, I made sure that I locked the house before going to work.  When Christi could not get into the house, she did what any normal 32 year old would do: called Mommy and Daddy and interrupted their trip.  This could have been avoided simply by driving the half block to the grocery store and seeing that I was at work and asked for the key. My car was parked at the house… surely logic would dictate that I was nearby somewhere. Instead, I get a phone call from Alaska asking why I would lock the door.  Well… needless to say, that will not be happening again.  Who would break into a house in little E-town?  And don’t get any ideas.  AAAAHHHH, sisters.  But I was more upset that she bothered the parents.  I mean, what are they going to do, use the remote control door unlocker?  Oh, well such as life.

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  1. I dunno, j. But she never bothered to get the key and have yet to hear from her since. But actually, the weather in the part of Alaska they are is quite seasonable. Last winter, it was warmer there at times than it was here. Wonder if there July was warmer than here… forgot to ask.

  2. Very funny post, I can picture the whole thing with your sister quite well. Sounds like something my sister would do. As far as visiting Alaska, it is absolutely one of the best trips I have ever taken. The natural beauty is inspiring. I would return in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever presented itself. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening in the near future … sigh.

  3. Actually, it seems like your parents DID use the remote control door unlocker – YOU!
    But it would have been much cheaper and less aggravating had your sister just come to the store herself. And I think you were a scapegoat here for your parents’ irritation at being bothered – it is very strange to get upset with the person “erring” on the side of safety – so don’t worry, it’s not just you!

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