Gruesome and Disgusting – What are People Thinking?


I can’t imagine what these teens were thinking…  Teens often do stupid things, but this one is beyond stupid…  I just don’t have much to say about this; I’m dumbfounded.  I don’t understand how a person or persons would come up with such an idea – too bad they couldn’t use that “creativity” more productively!

And check out the part in the police report where they say that one of the defendents regurgitated upon being questioned…  is that a consequence of remorse or fear of getting busted?  Is there actually a chance that he realized how disgustingly heinous his crime really was?

3 thoughts on “Gruesome and Disgusting – What are People Thinking?”

  1. Indeed. Though being of the 1920’s probably meant anything that could have rotted away was long gone and wouldn’t have caused him to get ill at the station I would think. I know Willie was long absent from his body, but this is still sickening.

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