Something Good from Microsoft!


I ran into a bit of news today that made me take a bit of notice. Microsoft has launched a new site Worldwide Telescope. I’m downloading the software as I write this, so I will give a more in depth look later. The software is supposed to be a virtual telescope with access to images from all over the world and from space. Terrabytes of data are supposed to be available.

For me, a one stop shop of various space images is just what I am looking for. If this even gives half of what the press release states, I will be interested.

I’ll keep you posted as I use the software.

7 thoughts on “Something Good from Microsoft!”

  1. Just a quick note on my download speed. (I’ve been playing the the program and so far it looks like I’m going to have some fun)

    The software was supposed to download on DSL in 10 minutes, on 56k modem 1 hour. It took me 28 minutes. Not bad for being inside without my best connect speeds. Three cheers for my new cell modem.

  2. Microsoft, ever trying to get a piece of the pie (and often then claiming the whole thing!)… So, how does it compare to Google Earth?

  3. Derek, I’ve never had the bandwidth to use Google Earth, I’m still not sure I can get enough to use it. From what I’ve seen of the worldwide telescopes, you download the views just like you would any other website, so the full download speed would be nice, but not really necessary.

    I just checked the Google site, and I still need to up my bandwidth. I can only use it if I get a signal booster or stand outside.

  4. Is Google Earth what I’m thinking of anyway? I guess it’s Google Sky that’s the more comparative software. Curious- if you don’t have the bandwidth for Google, will you have the bandwidth for Microsoft?

  5. Google Sky is part of Google Earth, bandwidth needed 128 Kb/s, recommended 768 Kb/s

    Worldwide Telescope, bandwidth needed 56 k modem or higher.

    I’m averaging just over 100 Kb/s with the cell modem in a comfortable spot in my house. In my driveway I get closer to 300 Kb/s. Sitting outside of our local high school (1.5 miles from closest tower) I get a lot closer the the 768 Kb/s. Last I checked it was over 500 Kb/s

  6. Worldwide Telescope has the ability to get different telescope views of the same sky item. Each time you get a new view it goes out to the network to find the image needed. While this takes sometime to download at slower speeds, it has a default image until the new image gets there.

    This seems to be a full blown sky software, which also allows you to download software to run a computer driven scope. I’ll be doing some more checking to see if it can be used to plan an evenings viewing session. More later in a new topic

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