Thinking of the Fair


Our local County Fair starts this weekend. I don’t think I missed this fair since I came with my wife and oldest daughter back in 1983. While it has change some, it really hasn’t changed at all. Most of the same vendors come year after year, the local producers (pork, beef, dairy) serve the same food. There are always fresh fair donuts. 🙂 The biggest thing this fair has to offer is all of the hard work the kids put into their projects. Animals, displays, showmanship, riding skills can all be seen. The fun I get from this is seeing the fun the kids have.

Even though my youngest was home for the Labor Day holiday last week, she wants to make the trip home again for a trip to the fair. She still has friends that will be showing their animals. She may get to run into a friend or two. One never knows at the county fair.

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  1. I know I have memories of our fair too, I have missed it for two years after going faithfully for years. I am looking forward to a gyro and a ribeye sandwich.

  2. I remember the county band shows many of which I either performed in or watched from the stands…. immediately following the coronation of the Fair Queen and King Milkshakes from the dairy stand and working under the grandstand at the E-town Music Boosters Eat Stand which they ran for many years (at least through my jr high and high school years).

  3. We are looking forward to the demolition derby. I hope there are tickets left! Anyone interested in going? We are going to buy our tickets today!

  4. And I guess you as a fair expert would be the person to ask about this…
    I saw that they were having small animal and amphibian judging. Do they keep these animals at the fair on display like the goats and sheep, etc? I would love to see what a prize-winning rat looks like, or better yet, a blue-ribbon frog!!!

  5. I have found, as I got older, that some things change, but *our* fair stays the same. However, as I moved away from home, I found that not all county fairs are the same. I went to my (now) local county fairs a few years ago, and discovered that they only had one swine barn, one sheep barn, one cattle barn, and two horse barns!!! Where are all the animals?!? They had some rides, and a lot of tents full of “kitsch”, but no way did they have enough animals. [sigh] Stupid non-agricultural county County Fairs! [grumble, grumble] So, we always try to make it home for “my” county’s county fair. What day are you and B going, Daddy? Maybe I can come.

  6. taylhis — I’ve always thought, but never really knew that the small animals (outside of breeder/market rabbits) came in for one day and then left. After watching some of my daughters friends show their animals over the weekend, my thoughts were confirmed. Animals considered as pets will be there on the day they show and then go home.

    Draclet — Sorry you couldn’t make it this year. Hope you enjoy the sausage….

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