Sam Is Not Spam!


While going through my myriad assortment of pending comments I do every once and again come across some interesting peekers to my blog.  The newest is a 6 year old gymnast from Great Britain named Sam Ramos, who along with his parents and older brother, are an amazing team known as the Daredevils which has appeared on such programs as Britain’s Got Talent!  The little guy might not have the site the others do but just follow the link to his site and watch his amazing acrobatics on the trampoline and read the article from The Sun.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Let’s show the amazing kid some tangents love!

3 thoughts on “Sam Is Not Spam!”

  1. How did you know he wasn’t spam? I glanced over his comment on your previous, post and it looked like spam to me – then again, I just glanced over it. Hope I didn’t overlook any comments on my site like that or that my new spam filter didn’t “take care” of any for me.

  2. The comment seemed to be spam, but after seeing a long list of other like web sites dealing with time management… same site even, I clicked on the name and just happened up on it. AND, I haven’t gotten any more spam (or anything to moderate) since the installation.

    1. I also had quite a few from a site that I will leave to the imagination. Plug-ins, schmlug-ins as long as they are Admin approved, right-o?

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