Woke up from a nightmare?


Well, I’m really not sure I would classify it as a nightmare, but what else? What would you call a dream that had most of the WCCT regulars, Rosanne, the Flintstones (animated), large bats, broken windows, broken down garages, downtown Bryan Ohio, and seedy bars in it? I wasn’t frightened but I woke up very confused.

Now I just had to write that down so I could get some sleep. Just contemplating the dream has kept me awake for the last 1/2 hour. Maybe this will help clear the brain for a few better dreams.

Have a good one, and I hope this slight description doesn’t keep anyone else awake. I hope to forget the details of the dream by morning, so this is all you should hear about.

5 thoughts on “Woke up from a nightmare?”

  1. Dearest John… The description of your dream was a tease to all of your WCCT friends. :):):) They all will now want to know what your dream was about and if they were in it.
    Make it a great day !!

  2. Was I in it? Just kidding, making a joke based on Susan’s post. Besides, I am more of a former WCCT regular these days…
    I woke up early to do a special hairstyle for Sammie’s school portrait day, then I went back to sleep and had a dream that she missed the bus and missed picture day. Not really a nightmare, especially compared to some of the doozies as of late. I blame those frightening Harry Potter books before bed 😉
    Thanks for sharing your dream with us.

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