Good Movie, Bad Title


I stopped my blog posting of reviews for every movie I’ve been watching – you’ll know why when you read a post I’m writing for next week called Farm Frenzy.  But I saw a movie last night that is totally worth mentioning – “The Uninvited”.

The movie has a really bad title, I’ll admit that.  But what a good suspense thriller it turned out to be!  The best one I’ve seen in a long time; maybe one of the best thrillers I’ve ever seen!  The movie is scary at times, creepy at others, and constantly fast-paced and riveting.  The movie was not at all what I expected when I came in, and I left the theater very pleasantly surprised.  The plot centers around a teenager named Anna who is just getting out of the psych ward after a 10 month stint as a result of  a suicide attempt.  10 months earlier, her mother was terminally ill and bedridden, her father was having an affair with her nurse, and there was a terrible fire that took the life of her mother.  When Anna gets out of the hospital, her father’s girlfriend (her mother’s nurse) has moved into her house, and it doesn’t take long for Anna to begin to suspect the new woman in her family’s life is up to no good.

I can’t begin to explain the mind-bending plot – there’s much more to it than I’ve explained, but I really don’t want to go into too much detail.  The point is, I highly recommend this movie.  Especially if you like suspense thriller movies, this one is a must-see.  Seriously, with respect to its genre, it’s a near-perfect movie.  My only problem with it is its weak and undescriptive title – good movie, bad title, but a must-see, nonetheless!

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  1. You might like it Mom… a little on the scary side for you – I know you like action movies the best…
    For you, I highly recommend Changling. VERY good movie!

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