Sorry About Your Luck, Youngster


Tonight, moments after I had locked up for the night,  a young man knocked on the door.  It was 9:05 and everything was locked up, money in the safe, ready to go home after a long day.  “I was wondering if I could get a pack of cigarettes.”  Either the person had a very babyish face or he was trying to pull a fast one.  In the first place, we were closed and someone asking for cigarettes is the LAST thing I would EVER let anyone talk me into selling them 5 minutes after the store was closed..  We are a dry store… no alcohol, or that would also be nixed.  After I politely told the rather young looking gentleman that I could not help him, the manager told me that she had waited on him before.  She refused the sale just as I would have.  In order to prove his age he asked if a birth certificate would be acceptable.  Who is this guy trying to kid?

This reminds me of a tale I have heard related about cast members from a production of Scapin (the best show no one saw… myself included as I had yet to become involved in the community theatre as heavily as I am now) going to a convenience store trying to buy some alcohol.  My 21 year-old + friend was still in heavy costume makeup giving him the appearance of an extremely old man..  If memory serves, the clerk was not going to allow the sale until identification was given.  I do not believe he had his license with him at the time.  Hilarious. [poll id=”8″]

2 thoughts on “Sorry About Your Luck, Youngster”

  1. The last time I got carded – MONTHS ago now 🙁 – I did thank them for thinking I look young. They were probably thinking, it’s just my job…. but whatever. Sometime I’ll have to talk Chris into hauling out the Scapin video – talk about hilarious! I wonder if it would be funny on disc? Recording live shows ALWAYS takes something out of them…

  2. When I was younger, and before the beard, I was carded while buying lottery tickets. Now the age to buy lottery tickets is 18, I think I was 30 years old at that time. The cashier was 10 years younger than me, and told me so… She couldn’t believe I was 30. Oh well, I probably look at least that old now. Got the beard going and it has gray in it. I haven’t been carded for anything in a long time.

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