Funny thing happened on the way to a blog…


Recently I’ve been trying to respond to one person’s blog, and I’ve gotten errors.  Then I try on another browser and can make 1 reply.  Then on to a third to make another reply.  Then I have to log completely off my computer to make another reply.  Just weird.  Of course while testing all this out it looks like I’m making very weird comments.   Of course, sometimes I do make weird comments, so nobody really notices the difference. 😉


But, I wonder is anyone having trouble commenting on my blog.  Am I loosing the opinions, views, and comments of others?  I can’t be sure, unless they contact me in some other manner.  

The other thing I notice this past week, I’m getting more spam type replies.  Since I do some moderation  of all the replies, most don’t get through, but I see them.   I don’t like them, they add no value to my blog.  That is important to me.   I would like this blog to be a place for me to share, inform, rant and maybe entertain.  Both my initial post and the responses to them help with this.  Spam replies do none of this.

Then I noticed that some blog themes like certain browsers better than others.  This is to be expected, since some browsers handle the coding differently.   It is my hope that my current blog works well with all browsers.  It certainly works with the ones I use, on the screen setting I use.  Input on what you see would help out.

Finally I started using a few polls.  There is one poll on this site that I’m guessing our wonderful Admin put on when he was testing the poll plugin install.  Here it is for your pleasure, and my education.

[poll id = 1]

4 thoughts on “Funny thing happened on the way to a blog…”

  1. Hmm, don’t see why you couldn’t, unless you hubby used your computer to give his response. Clear the cookies, vote early, vote often 😉

  2. I participated in this particular poll previously. I have been getting a lot of spam comments also… very irritating… unless my blog had anything to do with pharmaceuticals which it does not.

  3. Couldn’t post this where it should be… So about rats….

    Not sure how you would test for blindness in a rat. They rely on all their senses to survive. But rats will all have different personalities, so again it is hard to tell. Maybe to Bobby Jack your hand just smells really good. Or is he just looking for an escape route?

    Rats and most rodents will squeak for a variety of reasons, sorry I can’t tell you more, I didn’t finish my course in “Rat as a second language”.

    I can’t wait to see them.

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