Ish a show, now get outa my way.


A Miracle on 34th Street opens this Friday and we definitely have a show to come and see. This was not always apparent by the number of people we had drop out and then had multiple recasting of the actors involved. My first entrance in the show was to be as the Drunken Santa who gets fired from the parade. While I still play that role, I have another part in the opening scene.

We have a great cast, wonderful crew and excellent director. I get to be on stage with a few of my favorite people to work with. We have new faces and quite a few young faces. Be sure to get your reservations early. I’ve heard them talk about it on the local station and I only listen to about 20 minutes in the morning.

I get the evening off tonight, so I get to get some of the things done that have been waiting for just such a moment. Short post, but I will be busy soon.

Come see a show….

4 thoughts on “Ish a show, now get outa my way.”

  1. Me, too. I’ll be there Saturday with my sister and a few young ladies who keep asking me… When do we get to see Santa? Can’t wait! Break a leg you drunken fool you! 🙂

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