Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Lions, And Trolleys


Tonight was opening night for Meet Me in St. Louis (Louis) and it went remarkably well from the stage, anyway.  The director presented us each with a carnation and told us that we were the best cast she has ever had (and she has been involved with the theatre since 1974).  Prior to the show, she gave a short speech on the historical significance of not only the show but also the Huber theatre itself.

But for anyone who has never had the opportunity to be inside the Huber, you owe it to yourself to visit it.  It is really amazing and has a large history to it… some good… some best left forgotten, but all part of history.  I vaguely remember when the building was known as Tremors and eventually fell into ill repute until a group went in and cleaned it up.  It really is a gorgeous site in which to see a show and even better, to perform.

During intermission, refreshments were sold.  These were also a nice addition to the historical effect.  Ice cream cones and cotton candy were both introduced at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.  The break lasted a bit longer than the typical 15 minutes.  The ice cream was still hard and people were standing outside the building to get some.  Carol, bless her heart, jumped in to help scoop ice cream.

During curtain call, I watched John Truitt, who stood to my right, to bow.  Unfortunately, he was bowing all over the place at the wrong time.  Finally, I just watched the center of the line for our mass bow.  A wonderful show with a very responsive audience.

Following the performance, I went out to greet the public.  Megan actually got me a totally unnecessary gift.  Just her and Carol’s presence in the audience was the only present I needed.  There were a few other audience members I knew and had to chat with, lots of cool compliments for Grandpa.  I even considered going out to McDonalds across the street in full dress and makeup, but decided against it.

This weekend seems to be jam-packed with theatrical productions.  We have Meet Me in St. Louis at one theatre.  Lion in Winter at another (hope it went well, j. You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown being presented at a nearby high school as well as a high school production of Les Miserables.  Lots of good stuff happening if only I had time to see it all.

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Lions, And Trolleys”

  1. I know the feeling… why are all the good shows now, at the same time? Looking forward to seeing St Louis AND the Huber.

  2. Sorry for the misinfo, but I should have known there would not be 4 different theatrical performances in one weekend. Last night there was high school secional basketball happening.

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