Just a quick note — Opening Night


Nerves, nerves…. Yes, I found out I have them. I’ve known about them before, but only before a show. Will I forget all my lines? Will I stumble on stage? Will I remember the blocking? Will I miss an entrance? Will I have ALL of my costume? Will my fly be zipped? Oh yeah, I don’t have to worry about that one in this show. Will my tights stay up? That’s better…

I guess I can’t think of anything else that could go wrong for me. But the same things could happen to anyone else on stage. Live theater don’t you love it?

Just a few more hours remain until the curtain comes up. The butterflies are floating in my stomach, and that is a good sign. Energy levels will be up, and we get to feed off the audience tonight. Most of the theater folk I know are just big hams. We crave, want or desire to be in front of people. We like the applause and laughter. I don’t even mind criticism every now and again. This night is the night when all the hard work and long hours finally pay off.

Come watch a show. We are just waiting to entertain you.

7 thoughts on “Just a quick note — Opening Night”

  1. relatively speaking

    Sorry I can’t come to see your show but I’m sure it’s a good one and I know you’ll do well in it.

  2. Derek

    It went very well. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a large audience to see the show. After a decent opening night crowd, we played to 50 over the next two shows. Bad timing on our part to have a play when two other community theaters and 1 local high school also have shows running. The play itself isn’t going to compete well with a musical, a high school play, and a comedy. Just the way people work around here.

    I am hoping that after the wonderful review, we will get people in the seats this weekend.

  3. Yes, great review. I will be there Thursday night. Actually one member of the MMiSL cast is going as well. Hopefully, the audeince counts ARE better this weekend 😉

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