Have No Fear, Polyp Man Is Here!

You heard read me right – I did say Polyp Man.  Found this amusing picture in the newspaper the other day and I couldn’t resist posting it:


It’s a little goofy, but hey, whatever works to raise awareness to help people detect and combat colon cancer.  If Polyp Man saves lives, more power to him.  I do have a little sympathy for the guy in the Polyp Man suit though; he looks like he feels ridiculous.  Is being Polyp Man a resumé builder I wonder?

4 thoughts on “Have No Fear, Polyp Man Is Here!”

  1. looking and feeling ridiculous is sometimes a good thing… maybe looking to some people. But, yes he is providing a great service.

  2. Perhaps he wishes he had more than sunglasses to cover his face in case someone recognizes him? And why the focus on just one type of cancer? More people than we would think get it? I guess now that we’re aware of leukemia, breast cancer, and prostate cancer it’s time to raise awareness of another type. Hmm.

  3. Well, Blood Cell Man, Bone Marrow Man, Prostate Man, or Breast Man (which means something else entirely – let’s just not go there. Besides, the costume would not be appropriate for public events) just don’t have the same amusing ring to them that Polyp Man has. And a general Cancer Man would just be depressing. But you do have a good point.
    Like I said, any way to get more people diagnosed more quickly to save lives is a good thing.

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