Cutest Puppy In The World


After almost a week of having our new puppy, I finally got him to hold still long enough for some adorable pictures – enjoy!

Gizmo will follow me up the stairs, but then he gets overwhelmed and can't go up or down! My 19-month-old son gave him a hug to comfort him; how cute is that?!?
This is Gizmo and my daughter Disney - our friend gave us a cute little blue sweater for him, so now he doesn't shiver quite so much when he goes outside!
He wants so badly to be able to jump up on the couch, but he's not big enough yet. Won't be long; we can notice that he is growing bigger EVERY single day!!

7 thoughts on “Cutest Puppy In The World”

  1. Yes, the sweater makes the man… or puppy. Very cute, so I take it Gizmo is the moniker. And Beebs is cute… giving him a hug… awwwww. Little Gizmo will be jumping around on the table, etc. in no time.

  2. I hope he stays cuddly like he was Sunday night. I sure didn’t want to put him down…..I wish my cat liked to cuddle….but she’s a snob.

    1. He is really snuggly! And he is a good listener for a puppy too! Just an overall wonderful pup – I’m so glad we found him 🙂

  3. Just remember- keep him away from bright light, don’t get him wet, and never, ever feed him after midnight. 😀

    Sorry if someone already posted a comment like this- I have some catching up to do on your blog (and others).

    Cute pix, BTW.

  4. Awww don’t know which is cuter the kids or the puppy.

    The puppy definately seems attentive and alert. He’ll be a good one.

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