Sometimes Just One Word Can Mean A Lot


Like in a newspaper’s picture caption.  Many locals make fun of our county’s newspaper; pointing out miscellaneous typos, erroneous information and errors, but today’s typo in the following picture caption is kind of a big oopsie:

The line for the H1N1 virus snakes through the parking lot at the County Fairgrounds
Wednesday afternoon.

Obviously our county does not have people lining up to get the H1N1 virus; the replacement word here in case you’ve fallen asleep is vaccineThe line for the H1N1 vaccine snakes through…
Now that would be one nasty small-town rumor!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes Just One Word Can Mean A Lot”

  1. Well, since they are inhaling the virus into their nose I guess they literally ARE lining up to get the H1N1 virus. Hopefully the local doctors (see other Taylhis posts) know it needs to be a severally crippled one! Luckily the vaccines are not home-brewed… 🙂

  2. Ok, so technically the article was worded correctly, but I still consider it an error because I don’t think it was the proper caption for the picture. I also don’t think it’s what the newspaper meant to say and made for an amusing blog post. I did send it to Jay Leno for his headlines segment 🙂

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