You’re doing what?


Well, I received an email last Friday. It was a request for my ‘acting’ ability. I have been on a self imposed hiatus from theater, so I didn’t think I would be doing any sort of acting in the near future. I was wrong. I will be the understudy for one of the actors. He can’t do all of the performances, so I will do the one he will miss. I’m just lucky it is a small role with very easy dialog. I get to be a love struck honeymooner. I’ve done that role once in real life, I think I can handle it. I played that role for 20 years.

This will be a little different. It is a dinner theater with audience participation. I’m looking forward to it. The audience will be sitting around and in the middle of our acting. Should be fun. The character I have doesn’t have too much interaction with the audience, but I do have to be aware of where they are located during my various scenes.

I will have to get some information as to the cost of the performances. Should be interesting.

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  1. mary911 — What is going on in October??? 😉

    Thanks all. I will be in the show on 22nd of May.

    I’m replacing the wonderful Mr. K Day for that show. Other shows are April 24 and July 17. April and May shows are at the Union Street Grill. The July show is at the Moose Lodge.

    Cost ??

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