A promise to me.


As March comes to a close, I need to reflect or dream about the first part of April and the coming Major League Baseball season. While I have followed the spring exploits of my favorite team, I can’t really get excited about spring training. Until this last week of spring training, we hardly ever see a complete starting lineup. There are a variety of minor league prospects, players past their prime and those with little or nothing to offer all trying to get the the 25 player roster. Those that have it made are just getting loose for the coming season. Some good ball is played, but as it is often said, it doesn’t count.

Next week the real games start. I will be following every score. Grumbling at losses or poor play. Feeling aggravated when a star player is hurt or not doing well. Cheering for every win.

So if you follow baseball, this is the time of year you’ve been waiting for. If you don’t, your time will come. 😉

My promise to myself. I’m going to go to at least 1 major league game this season. I don’t know when or even where, but I will do it.

And to my fellow old-time tangenteers, Good luck to your teams, until they play my favorite team. 😉

Go Tigers.

9 thoughts on “A promise to me.”

  1. I am ecstatic that opening day is less than a week away!!!
    And I’ve been discouraged because I haven’t heard any spring training news whatsoever – it made me assume that the team wasn’t looking so good this year, but your post helped put things in perspective, thanks 🙂
    Go Tigers! (and Cubs)

  2. The Cubs are 16 – 9 in spring training. It looks like they have their final roster set and are ready for the start of the season. According to the ‘experts’ their bullpen is a bit on the suspect side. New hitting coach may or may not help the batters.

    Anything else you need?

  3. It is hard to get excited by the rotating lineups of spring training, but as the last days of March are here… IT IS TIME TO GET EXCITED!!!!!!

  4. @derek – I’d love to, but seeing as how the closest MLB team to here is the Tigers, it would be a Tigers game and justj would not be cheering for the Cubs! I don’t know if I’d like to attend a Cubs game with someone who is rooting against the Cubs…
    Besides, I was fortunate enough to get to see them play last year, and two years in a row is too much to ask considering the expense and babysitting needed.

  5. @ taylhis… The babysitting should not worry you too much as I’m sure there are more than a few people who would be willing to help you out 😉

  6. tahlis The Tigers and Cubs don’t have any scheduled games this year. However, if they both get into the series, I’m getting tickets somewhere, somehow.

  7. @taylhis – can they all go in the pool? Is it a weekend? Will it make my dad happy? We’ll take ’em.
    @Daddy/90 – is this a Father’s Day idea?

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