What is in a play?


I was sitting here wondering why I decided to get involved in another play right after the last show I was in. The first play was extremely fun, but it cut into time I could spend with family and friends. Getting right back on stage kept me from spending a lot of time doing Christmas shopping for my family. This show will take up all of January and again cut into time for family and friends.

Of course, since I am an amateur actor, the only pay I receive is the emotional support of the audience. That is what makes it all worthwhile. That emotional surge the actors get from the audience gives life to the show. It is what makes a live show so much different than a movie or TV show. The actors live, breath and die with the reaction of the audience.

The sound of applause, the gasp of tears, the bubbling of laughter make an actors day. We put in a lot of time for those few shows. And our audience rewards us.

So, that is why I do it. I live for that recognition. It is a good feeling.

9 thoughts on “What is in a play?”

  1. I’ll second that!!!!

    So, do you you think you would enjoy some recognition in say…………….October?????? 😉

  2. Of course, the character of whom you speak never uttered the phrase he is most commonly quoted as saying.. correct? And, yes from experience, I can honestly say that the magic of live theatre is much preferable unless of course you get the chance to b on film and totally flumoxing an interviewer (OH, WAIT! that was live as well or it had better have been after getting up so early to do 😉 )

  3. He doesn’t say “It’s elementary, My dear Watson” but he does say something along the lines of “A most elementary conclusion.” And, he does say “My dear Watson” here and there….. 😉

  4. I am SOOO enjoying our self-imposed break from theater – I’ve found my talents are better used and more appreciated elsewhere 😉
    But if it’s something you enjoy, more power to you – you have a point about the family and friends thing though – hoping to see you before the kids graduate 😉
    The play you are rehearsing now was one that I actually found funny when I read the script – something that didn’t occur much. If time and circumstances allow, we will hope to see it.

  5. jamiahsh, Doyle never wrote those words, it was Hollywood. 😉

    taylhis, I’m glad you found a place for your talents. This was the only show I saw in the season that even garnered a modicum of interest. I’m not even sure I will be attending any of the other plays. I’m not interested in the others at all.

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