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Ok, Ok… It has been three weeks since the curtain fell on the last show.  It will be sometime before the next one (at least a few months as I committed to being my godson’s sponsor for Confirmation in March).  Can we say cabin fever?  Ah, well… something will come up.  I do have a Star Trek Scene It game night coming Thursday night that I am REALLY looking forward to.  I have about 5 versions of the game and really like the game although finding victims to play a few of them with can be difficult at times (Anyone for a little Bond… James Bond?)  I know that there is an 80s Pop Culture version to go along with the Trivial Pursuit version.  I would also like the Harry Potter edition but I think I will wait until after the 2 part finale is finished just in case there will be more than one Harry Potter version.  BTW, taylhis… how’s that first book?  I just started rereading The Sorcerer’s Stone last night.  Not sure when the first part of the cinematic Deathly Hollows is being released, but we’ll see if I can make it through the seven books before that.

Back to another topic.  One of Star Trek’s finest was recently knighted.  Sir Patrick Stewart now joins such icons as Sir Paul McCartney,  TWO James Bond’s (Sir Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moore), and Lord of the Rings director Sir Peter Jackson.

Of course Mr. Stewart is not limited in his credentials by being the captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC 1701-D and ‘E).  He began his career in the Royal Shakespeare Company and was in a production of the most  haunted play in history, Macbeth.  I remember watching a video of him playing Claudius in Hamlet during a class.  He also starred as Professor Charles Xavier in the three blockbuster X-Men films.  Stewart has now returned to the London stage in a play which I have yet to learn the title of.  Anyone?

Hopefully, my down time will not lead to heaviness but with great friends and a crazy family to keep me busy… a few days to relax may be all I get 😀

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  1. I have less than 100 pages left of The Sorcerer’s Stone, and I really like it. I was really excited to see the movie, but now I’m worried about the movie ruining the vision of Hogwart’s I have in my head. I’ve never heard Potter fans complain of this, but sometimes it’s more fun to use one’s imagination than to watch it in a movie, I dunno. But I’m really enjoying it and am surprised by how quickly I’m flying through it. With only about 20 minutes to read every day when I’m half-asleep at night, I am surprised that I’m almost done.
    This is making the prospect of visiting the Harry Potter world at Universal VERY exciting!!! That is, if we can ever get back to FL…

  2. I dunno. I think the movies as a whole are awesome but still enjoy rereading the books from time to time. I know your older kids would like them, too. If you decide to watch them let me know (of course the other 6 books are available if you like I can start a lend shop). The newest DVD has a preview of the Universal Park that has only increased my longing to go!

  3. I keep trying to get T to read the books with me, but she’s not interested; I thought it would have been so fun to read it at the same time. But there is nothing like making a kid lose zest for reading than to force books they don’t want to read on them – I stopped reading for enjoyment for years because of yucky required reading in hs and college, and same with hubby and he never picked it back up. I would love to borrow the 2nd book and the first movie – I was just about to request them from the library, but then I am on a timetable and I could always get stuck with a VERY used copy like I have now where the binding is all but broken!! Bring them Sunday?

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