What about them oats.


I was allowed to attend a dress rehearsal of “Wild Oats” at the WCCT’s Little Theater off the Square. (Is that a mouthful?) If you don’t have a wedding to attend, a daughter to pick up, or some other things that will take up all of your time for the next two weekends, make some time to see this wonderful little show.

Yes, this is a melodrama. Be prepared to laugh, boo and maybe even hiss. There were twists, turns and setups galore. Love, laughter and greed. And religion, we had religion too. And of course there was the sowing of wild oats.

I won’t give anything away, but I really recommend this show. I would give a run down of the cast and crew, but I didn’t see any programs yet, and I wouldn’t want to miss anyone.

I really wish I could see this show with a full audience. It is one of those shows that will feed off the audience energy. So go, be prepared to have a good time and join in the fun.

One more word — Take in some canned food for the Food bank. 1 can of food will get you money off the admission. Great way to give to the community. One non-profit helping another. Great idea.

3 thoughts on “What about them oats.”

  1. I too love melodramas; hopefully I can find time to see this one. It will have to be without the kids though, since they made some noise last time and upset one of the directors (I thought you were supposed to make noise at melodramas? It’s not like they were crying; it was happy noises… but oh well).

  2. Melodramas… reminds me of when our church first started a drama program for our kids ministry. It was called Jericho Junction, and I was part of it. With characters like Kung Fu Fred (always called Kung Pao Chicken by another of the characters, bad martial artist), Dr. Knows (Sherlock Holmes character who never solved anything but took the credit when his assistant did), and Power Word Man (an incompetent superhero), it was hilarious. Here is its official site (CLICK). Though the drama part has been scaled down considerably since then (perhaps next to non-existent next year from what I understand) I still find time to participate in it as you know from my blog.

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