Late night/early morning


Deep in thought…..

My mind goes back to a day in December some 21+ years ago. A few short days before Christmas when a chubby little blond entered my life. Yes at one time she was a bit chubby. Rolls of skin defined her short legs. And the blue eyes smiled from the first. All this and more in a tiny little package.

Her hair today is not as blond. She really can’t be called chubby anymore. But the eyes can still smile.

I remember the day she found her first frog. We live in the woods, so it isn’t very hard. When she learned to read, she found out as much as she could about the little animals. To this day she is drawn to them.

There were days playing in the mud, while wearing her sister’s clothes. Days playing softball while dad coached from the sidelines.

Days being a child, days being a young lady. Days of very little care and days of hardship.

There was Star Wars both movies and books. There was friends, sisters, pets and family. We had shared a time or two on stage. She sang, I listened. There were the clothes from the boys section, there were beautiful dresses.

All of this and more. 21 years don’t fit in a few short paragraphs. My beautiful blue eyed girl has spent years growing up. And I am proud of her….

3 thoughts on “Late night/early morning”

  1. So cool… good luck this weekend to all of you. At least the long night/early morning was one that was full of random (or maybe not so random) happy thoughts about your not-so little one.

  2. It does seem that my nephew grew up pretty fast. However, I do not miss his early adolescent years when he enjoyed a game called “make my uncle angry…” At 19, he really has grown up since then.

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