waste of time and gas


As a few of my blog readers already know, the meetings I attended this evening were very short. In my opinion they were as waste of my time and gas. I imagine if we were to get compensated for gas on these meetings (ha ha), there would be less of them, and they would accomplish something. That will never happen of course.

If it were not for seeing friends of my during and after the meeting, I would have said something there. I drive over 10 miles to get to the meeting, and I don’t make that trip lightly anymore. Any trips I make into town have dual purpose. I’m going to carefully consider dropping my committee membership. I mean it isn’t like we get anything done at these meetings. I’ve been to more meetings now than in past years, and I only recall one thing getting done at these meetings. The producers and directors of the shows for the season were selected at one of them. I think that was the first. Every other order of business could be done by email, or phone calls. I really don’t see the point.

The more I write, the more I feel compelled to leave the committee. I guess I could just stop going. According to the rules, if I miss too many meetings, without letting someone know, I should be kicked off. Hmmm, nah I’ll just quit after the end of the year. I don’t need to be on it next year at all.

3 thoughts on “waste of time and gas”

  1. It stinks – no one else is from so far away and can feel your gas pains…
    And I was going to see if you wanted to bring a daughter next time to babysit since it seems the kids have had enough of the meetings also…

  2. Of the people there on Sunday, I think Jamiahsh may be just as far if not farther. I’m not sure about everyone there, seeing don’t know where everyone lives.

    As for daughter, I’m sure I could get one to show up if they are available.

  3. Ten miles for me one way 🙂 But any chance I get to spend time with friends even if the reason/outcome seems worthless.

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