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This evening I took a jaunt to our local community theatre for a combined play reading/production meeting.  I believe that the entire meeting lasted 45 minutes and in those 45 minutes all I recall accomplishing is finding out that work we have done for nearly 3 months has gotten us nowhere man.  In May, we were to submit by the end of June a proposal for the 2009-2010 season.  Fine, we do that;  HOWEVER, the board who was to vote on our proposal did not meet to vote on our proposal.  In fact, it sounded like one (maybe even two) of our proposals would be nixed.  One of the reasons presented for one of the shows to be axed is because an area high school may be doing it.  Why should this matter?  We are not a high school putting on an annual play.  I still hear people comment that they do not know of the existence of a live community theatre house even from those who live in the town.  High schools present shows to perform, mainly, for parents and grandparents (with some exceptions).  Community theatre attempts to perform for a broader audience: the theatre-loving audience… not just those people who come to see a show to see junior on stage.  It’s also nice when it can attract more non-traditional audience members.

My question is this: If we are to ax a show because a high school may be doing it in the same season, then are we to survey each school in the area to see if any of the shows are identical?  Who acquiesces and allows the other group to do the show?

Another issue was addressed on choosing directors for shows.  I was floored when I heard that another person wanted to direct a show that someone else was planning and ready to submit for approval.  How unfair?!  A person who was concentrating on independently bringing a show and then all of a sudden someone else wants to direct it?  This of course was one of the other possibly axed shows.  I just don’t know, but it sounds like we have a lot of geniuses at work here.

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  1. Definitely, I also found the mixing of the play reading and production meetings a bit off. This is always the case, and I’m beginning to wonder why we have two separate committees.

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