The Younger set


Children and young adults (7 to 18?) are invading our theater. It is, of course, time for the annual Children’s Theater.

As long as I remember, we’ve always had a good turnout for this acting forum, but this year it is an absolute invasion. There were at least 40 younger members of society on stage during the first evening. Tonight was the third evening of theater for the youngsters, and there was still at least 35 roaming stage and backstage. It is really good to see this in the theater. This is the future of theater. In the next few years some of these actors will be back on stage as adults. Always good to see.

I am wondering where the child relatives of other Tangents bloggers are. Didn’t see any nieces, nephews or children of the Tangents group. Oh well, since I volunteered to help again, you will all know where I will be…

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  1. Getting my children into the wcct children’s programs was the best decision I ever made as a parent. The first year’s production was alice in wonderland. that was approx. 5-7 years ago. putting children in this theatre program teaches them confidence, teamwork, responsibility, speaking in public, and the list goes on and on. Every person whether young or old should participate in the theatre, especially children who are have behavior or self confidence issues. My children are now 17 & 13 years of age and they are accomplished performers.

    A big thank you to all of the parents, friend, past participants, and supporters of this program. All of you have truely provided a service to your community.


  2. Taylor loved the children’s theater last year, but we just couldn’t make the commitment this year – too much going on. I’ve learned the unfortunate reality that with 4 kids, we have to pick and choose activities they get to participate in. This year, swimming lessons are a priority, and our family also plans to do some more camping and traveling. Taylor won’t even be back into town until next Wed. so she would have missed all those rehearsals. It was a hard decision, but the bottom line is, we just couldn’t commit to driving up to Mont. every night for months. It will definitely be a priority again in a few years – especially when I have 2 that are old enough; it’ll help justify the commute.

  3. Let’s see… I would love to see my nieces and nephews join the little ones; however, they are STILL playing baseball/softball. I asked them all which they wanted to do. Next year, at least two of them have decided to forgo the summer ball (getting up there in age and deciding that they are not overly athletically inclined). We’ll see next summer.

  4. Nope, sorry. I know you’re all looking for good guys out there, particularly ones who can sing. One of these years I may find myself out there to help you out. 🙂

  5. I’m not sure how you meant that, so let me add the word “more” to my statement, as in “looking for *more* good guys…” I hope you didn’t think I meant there were none over there. 😮

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