The end of a very long day


The day actually started some time after Midnight last night. Our director’s gift cast party was held, and it was almost mandatory attendance. It was worth the trip, because our fearless leader had some wonderful things to say about the show. The party was long and entertaining, but I got to bed very late (early???) and we had one more show to do in the afternoon.

The final show went as well as can be expected when one of the actors calls in sick at the last minute. Before anyone jumps to a conclusion, it was a real illness and not just sick from the party last night (ok, it may have been the food, but nobody else got sick). We had to cut the one scene that the person was in. Unfortunately, I was also in that scene. Life is full of disappointments.

My youngest and her grandparents were in the audience and seemed to enjoy the show. It is always fun to perform for family. I also had numerous people, throughout the run of the show, ask me if I was really a minister, or was I going to take that up as a new calling. Sorry folks, I’m an actor, I only play a minister on stage. Again I heard that this was the best I’ve ever done. My nature tends to think that people can only remember the last few shows they’ve seen. Surely I’ve done better on other roles? Oh well, as long as they enjoyed the show.

Finally, I took my youngest back to college. Just got back home. Definitely the end of a very long day.

4 thoughts on “The end of a very long day”

  1. I do have a short memory, but I also know for a fact that I’ve only seen you in shows since 2005. That being said – Norval is my 2nd favorite next to Elwood Dowd. Shame that you didn’t get to portray Norval throughout the run of the show. Here’s to a quick and speedy recovery for the sick actor, and congrats on yet another successful run!

  2. Elwood holds a special place for me, so I don’t think I will ever have a role to compare to that one. Norval was just fun to play. I missed playing that role today, but “A.M.” had “intestinal difficulties”. In all of her theater experience, this was the first performance she missed. I’m thinking there are other ‘character’ roles that I’ve hit just as well as this one, but who am I to judge my own work.

  3. I liked both of your roles. I’m sorry for those who missed out on Norval.. he was delightful. Hopefully, AM gets back on her feet soon. Once again, a fine show. Sorry you couldn’t make mine.

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