Shoes make the show


My darling oldest daughter made period shoes and boots for The Lion in Winter and they do add a lot to the costumes. I know I’m a bit biased about this, but to see the actors on stage with period looking shoes made the costumes look better.

We definitely had several talented seamstresses and craftspeople working on the show. A period piece needs all of that. From tapestries to walls, costumes to shoes, chairs to beds, this is a show that can take you to 1183.

The wonderful thing about this, is that the family is real. We can understand their background. We can see where they are coming from. They can be your family or mine. Arguments between husband and wife, son and parent, or brother to brother. Everyone wants their share of the pie. The difference? The pie just happens to be the throne of England. Knives and swords can be drawn to solve a problem or two. But the sharpest tool used on stage is the sometimes wicked tongues of the family. Brothers bandy words against each other. Parents argue about the future of the kingdom. A brother plots against everyone in his family. A French King watches and actually participates in those cutting words. The King’s mistress is only a plot of land to some, but she gets her voice heard.

Who wins, who loses? Well, I think, if you come to the show you will win. Comedy, danger, and a highly dis-functional family are there to entertain you.

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  1. Yes… I really am looking forward to it… NEXT WEEK! The costumes for any show add a great deal whether it be the 12 Century England or 1903 St. Louis, MO.

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